Hello! I'm Romain François

Consulting Datactive at ThinkR since February 2017.
I have been involved in the R community for several years. I'm interested in anything that is even remotely connected to R.

I am specifically interested in performance and mixing R with other languages, which led to the development of Rcpp for seamless R and C++ integration. I also contributed to the design and implementation of C++ internals for dplyr.

I am never far from my twitter or github accounts. I am passionate about R, discovering or making new R things, and helping you make the most of R.

From my blog

I mostly blog about things that are at least remotely related to R in some way.

Fast counting NA

By Romain François on 2017/10/24

This is inspired by this question From Florian on Stack Overflow. ( Initially, my reaction was “well yeah, it’s harder to check for NA then it is to check for a specific value, that’s the way it is with floating point arithmetic …” It’s true and I’ll come back to it, but it is less true than the tools we have let you believe. I’ll come back to that, but first let’s digress.

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Unicode, utf-8, strings and emojis

By Romain François on 2017/08/03

I’ve been somewhat obsessing about emojis lately, it all started when I wanted to check which emojis were used on twitter during useR this year. #useR2017 emojis: 💜😊🏻🙌📦👏🔥👍😻😂🌍🎉💻😍🤔🚀😁🙈🇧🇪👩😉🍻🎶🏆👀👉👶💕🤓🤗😀😎😱🌌🌎🌳🌻🍺🏀🏖👇👯💁💝💩🦄😃😅🙏🚄🚦🤞🇫🇷🌧🌾🍀🍁🍓🍕🍾🍿🎾🏈🏗🏸🏼🏽🐈🐍🐑🐒🐓🐔🐩🐱🐶👈👬👴👵👷💎💙💪📈📉📑📕📚🔍🔎🔑🔷🕵️🗻🗾🤖🤘🦁😄😇😒😕😩😮🙁🙃🙉🙋🚂🚲🤦 — Romain François (@romain_francois) July 7, 2017 But this post is not really about emojis, because my emojitsu package is not ready yet, but here’s a preview anyway. Really enjoying demystifying those sequence #emojis. kiss(woman,woman) -> 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 family(man,woman,girl,girl) -> 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 pic.twitter.com/jmTv207Hw1

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A fortune slack slash command using plumber

By Romain François on 2017/07/29

Most of our internal communication at ThinkR goes through Slack, and I’m also popping up to other slack teams (e.g. the very active ropensci team) from time to time. The slackr package is great to send stuff (text, plots, …) to slack from R, but let’s do the opposite, i.e. query R from slack with a slash command. This is my excuse to learn about plumber and finally haver something to say when people ask me about the plumber hex sticker on my laptop.

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Emojis at #useR2017

By Romain François on 2017/07/11

Because of imminent birth of my 2nd daughter, I did not get to go to useR, so I’ve been feeling a mix of frustration, impatience and fomo. I was really pleased to find out that for the second year, part of the conference would be streamed live and most of it will be available later. #user2017 will be livestreamed starting Weds. Tomorrow's tutorials will be recorded. Details and schedule: https://t.co/bqnH0pYs2R #rstats

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